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Join us and become a temporary resident of the small Calabrian village we call HOME!

Our project involves international students, architects, artists, and scholars. By booking one of our accommodations you can experience uniquely and immersively the local traditions of Calabria, the local community and the activities proposed by La Rivoluzione delle Seppie.

From simple 2-week to 4-week proposals to live together with our community, you will be able to work or study remotely within accommodations adapted to every kind of need and budget. At your disposal is our CO-WORKING space with a collective kitchen (CASA BELMONDO), facilities on local transportation and all our energy and synergy.



Living in a different place can have costs but also benefits. We are a self-supporting nonprofit association, carrying out activities in the area thanks to the energy and passion of the many people who continue to believe and invest in this project. If you would like to spend time at BelMondo with our team and learn about our project and experience our community, please contact us to find the best solution for you.

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Discover together


Are you a curious traveler, a freelancer, a student, a digital nomad, wanting to work remotely for a period of time or to simply go on vacation? Are you interested in doing so in a creative, collaborative space? Well, come and share a time in Belmonte Calabro with us!


Are you an artist, designer, researcher or creative professional who feels like working in a place that could influence your creations? In Belmonte Calabro, we can offer you moments of sharing and inspiration through our workshops and Belmondini’s network of local and remote locations.


If you are fascinated by the history and culture of Italy’s historic centers, there is every opportunity in Belmonte Calabro to find out where we come from, what our culture is, discover the traditions that create part of the Italian cultural fabric (and not just tourism).


Discover the centuries-old traditions and crafts of this area. From tomatoes to embroidery, from chili peppers to hand-woven baskets, from poetry to stories of travelers and sailors โ€“ the cultures of Belmonte Calabro are many and varied. There is something for everyone.


Not only at the periphery, but nature can be found in the streets themselves. Hidden gardens and outdoor activities are within everyone’s reach, and after several years in the area, we can recommend the best of the nature trails in the area to lose yourself or find yourself.


A mix of presences of multiple nationalities with different needs have found in the local community of Belmonte Calabro and the temporary community of BelMondo the comfort of a home and the dynamism of a collaborative studio. Everyone is welcome in our Casa.


If you are simply curious to discover BelMondo and collaborate with us in the cultural reactivation of places, we then recommend a minimum of one month’s stay so that your visit can become inclusive of all the tastes and smells of the place.


Experience by becoming an active part of a convivial community with every opportunity to share values and ideas, especially around a good plate of pasta all’nduja or a seafood salad. Don’t forget to send the package down to family and friends.




We are waiting for you in Belmonte Calabro to have together an experience, a moment, a meal, an idea and more.

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Live and discover moments of life down. Specifically, the activities, experiences and places visited during the creative social workshop weeks in Belmonte Calabro.