17-24 July 2022,
Belmonte Calabro

7 Day festival with 3 Workshops
With the patronage of the Municipality of Belmonte Calabro
In collaboration with Orizzontale, Ex-Convento, London Metropolitan University.
Press Office: Daccapo Communication

With the participation of Cheap Festival, Claudio Morelli (Editor of VD News).
Stay tuned – more cool people to be announced 📣 📣
Supported by Itaka Training, Sirius Training, Erasmus +, Italy Patria della Bellezza Foundation.

Inhabitants of dynamicedges

for the V edition of Crossings

The community of Belmondo is looking for people with a multipotential vocation who “deform themselves”
on the territory “to give life to a new dynamic space, but above all public. A square, a market, a meeting place between several communities

17 – 24 JULY 2022


4 Locations

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2 DJ Sets

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6 HUGE Dinners and Parties

Special guest Bistecca al pomodoro



Mercato Marina

with Orizzontale


with Claudio Morelli (Direttore Editoriale VD News)

This is not a campaign

with Cheap

Who is it for?

People who have a multipotential vocation, anyone who feels suffocated by the overly stringent definitions and categories of the professions that have undergone the scrutiny of the standardization of CV models.

Our starting point

Within the hyper-professional context of today’s performance society, vertical training constitutes a halt of creativity which usually, instead, arises from the combination; from the encounter between different professions and areas of expertise.

For the 5th edition of Crossing, the BelMondo community is therefore looking for people who want to ‘de-form themselves on the territory’, who want to cooperate with each other to give life to a new dynamic, liminal, and above all, public space, to feed the ‘Country’(side) system and the actions of a hybrid community that needs new impulses.

We will explore the Belmonte marina and its market to create a community infrastructure to give back to the community: a square, a chiringuito, new relationships and insticts, but above all, a different way of collaborating that involves the local community in synergy with the temporary one in collaboration with the guests of the event.

Relationships communication specialist

The world overflows with communicators, but we seek them empathic, relational, and able to make words vibrate beyond their immediate meaning.

Proximity Officer

Relations experts based on the logic of exchange, agents who have embraced the currency of relational reciprocity and shared needs.

Community Soundtrack Designers

Ogni comunità ha bisogno delle sue playlist su cui ballare, nessun evento può avere vita senza le sue soundtrack.

Bureaucracy Shaman

Those who have become aware of the embossed bureaucracy, but prefer a more dynamic way of impacting pragmatically on reality.

Community Agitator

For some, it is nice to move virtual communities and groups of users from one fan page to another. We are looking for those who love to move them and move them LIVE.

Free Time Promoter

For some, it is nice to move virtual communities and groups of users from one fan page to another. We are looking for those who love to move them and move them LIVE.

Souls Activators

Women and men with the capability of moving and moving, arranging operations. All of this, only with the strength of human involvement.

Square Arrangement Specialist

No square should ever be left inert: urban engagement specialists, come and revive this traditional meeting place.

Captain of Ecological Futures

Planet Calls Country. Visionaries who of eco-positivity have made your dialectical manifesto, come and wave your green flag.

Officer of Heterogeneous Sociality

We value cultural diversity for its inherent value, as a reflection of potentials, and strengths, from which new identities and solidarities might arise.

People with a high relational coefficient, in constant evolution and are ready to de-form on the territory.


Mercato Marina

with Orizzontale

The Crossings chair, the unit of measurement of La Rivoluzione delle Seppie, from the Casa di BelMondo arrives in the village to create a temporary public space. The work area will be that of the municipal market of Belmonte Marina, a reinforced concrete building built but never used. During the workshop, led by Orizzontale, the perimeter of the area that stretches from the market to the beach will be defined and we will work to transform it into a new square, drawing it graphically on the road pavement. To facilitate the creation and activation of interactions between the various members of the local and global community, a series of relational devices will be designed and built – together with participants, the local community, asylum seekers and the various stakeholders.


Modern local media

with Claudio Morelli (Editorial Director of VD News)

A community is said to be such only, if in addition to building policies and infrastructures, it is able to offer communication and information to itself and to the outside world. “Knowing in order to deliberate,” someone has said before. But what is the role of information within local communities and how is an editorial product transformed into a real service to citizens? Can these generate a knowledge network that can look to the world of the future? How can a local media try to make itself sustainable in a constantly changing sector economy? The questions on which we will build a reflection during the modern-local-media workshop are not limited to the first appointment of a round table aimed at laying the foundations for the creation of the new media of BelMondo.


This is not a campaign

with Cheap

CHEAP, the public art project based in Bologna, moves outside the urban context in which it usually acts to contextualize a project in Belmondo Calabro in collaboration with La Rivoluzione delle Seppie. To do this, they chose the tool of the participatory laboratory, within which to design and implement a public art intervention on posters.




Italian architecture collective

Orizzontale is a collective of architects based in Rome, whose work spans architecture, landscape, public art and self-construction. Orizzontale has been promoting relational public space projects since 2010, giving shape to images of abandoned or unpublished cities. These projects have been a testing ground for new forms of interaction between inhabitants and urban commons, and at the same time an opportunity to test the limits of the architectural creation process. Orizzontale has built and developed projects in Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Greece, Ukraine, Portugal, Holland.


Public art collective

CHEAP is a public art project founded by 6 women in Bologna in 2013, it is a collective, a non-objective gaze, an association: the material it has chosen to investigate is paper – until now, it has found nothing more ephemeral. It mainly intervenes on the urban landscape, deals with contemporary languages; is committed to the search for a balance between curatorial practice and activism. CHEAP started out as a festival but had the good sense to become something more.

Claudio Morelli

Editorial Director of VD News

Claudio Morelli is a journalist, filmmaker and documentary photographer. Founder of Reversocollective and editorial director of VDnews. He has worked with major international magazines, collaborated for three years with Renzo Piano’s G124 project and numerous companies. He teaches at the European Institute of Design in Milan.

What is


A research event, now in its 5th year, which takes place every July in Belmonte Calabro. Seven days of meetings, workshops, concerts, conviviality and sharing moments between international students, professionals, researchers and all those who decide to come across the local community temporarily, or for a longer period of time. The aim is to seek solutions for coexistence and of shared living, collaborative ways of working and studying with a practical and tangible approach.

Every year international guests alternate between talks and DJ sets but above all in dinners, tarantella, tomato steaks and dives into the sea from the TranGuilla platform.

Foto di gruppo Crossings 20



Belmonte, like other towns on the Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza, is not only made up of a depopulated historic centre but also of several settlements developed without any kind of urban plan and attention to the landscape: the marinas.

These places, which can also be defined as non-places and born after the Second World War, represent one of the consequences of the abandonment of historic centres. Following the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, we can imagine that they can become not only the object of an innovative offer but the need for widespread social demand, as long as they start again from places and people to tackle social and territorial gaps.

Overcoming the cliché of the nostalgic idea of ​​the village to be repopulated, such as La Rivoluzione delle Seppie, after five years of work in which we worked mainly in the historic center of the town, for the edition of Crossings 2022 we return to the public space, in particular the Municipal Market in the Marina.
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