17-24 July 2022,
Belmonte Calabro

7 Day festival with 3 Workshops
With the patronage of the Municipality of Belmonte Calabro
In collaboration with Orizzontale, Ex-Convento, London Metropolitan University.
Press Office: Daccapo Communication

With the participation of Cheap Festival, Claudio Morelli (Editor of VD News). With Collectif etc, Art Working Class, Giulia Ricci (Domus), Calupso36o21, Jamie Allen, Fulu Miziki, Gaia Crocella (Interdine), Carlotta Novella (Public Work), Giuseppe Affinito, Dario Biancullo, Egeeno. Promoted by Erasmus+ and supported by Itaka Training e Sirius Training, Italia Patria della Bellezza Foundation.

Inhabitants of dynamic edges

at the V edition of Crossings

LRdSxCheap - Output

For this edition of Crossings, we have brought together people with a multi-potential vocation who have “shaped themselves on the territory” to give life to a new square, a new public space, a meeting place for several communities

The research week, which ended on 24 July, saw a succession of meetings, workshops, talks, happenings, performances, moments of conviviality and sharing between international students, professionals, researchers, tourists, the curious and locals, to question and look for new solutions of coexistence and shared living, collaborative ways of working and studying with a practical and tangible approach.



Crossings – created thanks to the collaboration with horizontal, London Metropolitan University and ex Convento, promoted by Erasmus+ and supported by Itaka Training and Sirius Training, Italia Patria della Bellezza Foundation – focused this year on the space of the Belmonte marina, specifically within the municipal market, with the aim of creating a community infrastructure.

17 – 24 JULY 2022


4 Locations

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2 DJ Sets

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6 HUGE Dinners and Parties

Special guest Bistecca al pomodoro



Mercato Marina

with Orizzontale


with Claudio Morelli (Direttore Editoriale VD News)

This is not a campaign

with Cheap

An act of political imagination, a new public art intervention and a new Piazza Mercato symbol of the growing community in Belmonte Calabro

Among the various workshops scheduled during the event, a new urban infrastructure was created within the “Mercato Marina”, the laboratory led by the horizontal collective of architects the Market area and the beach. A choral work, carried out by a heterogeneous group of students, researchers and professionals, in agreement with the municipal administration of Belmonte Calabro.

Among the guests of the CHEAP event, the public art project based in Bologna, which has moved outside the urban context in which it usually operates, working on a participatory laboratory at the interior of which he designed and created his own public art intervention on posters.

And another led by Claudio Morelli (Reversocollettivo) which led to the creation of a new editorial project to tell the story of the territory.

“The performances that took place, as well as the collective flow of the activities that took place, helped to balance the experience of the week” – underlines Giuseppe Grant – “The project that we had thought up in the wake of the motto of “forming in ” has succeeded in the form of this new infrastructure for public space”

To settle the week’s experience, in addition to the workshop activities, the performances contributed, such as the one created by the afro-punk-futuristic-ensemble of < strong>Fulu Miziki, the dj-set of Egeeno, “Cartesiana”, the theatrical performance on a text by Enzo Moscato, starring Giuseppe Affinito, costumes by Dario Biancullo and curated by Vincenzo Giannetti, ULTRAQUEER, the exhibition curated by TWM Factory, and also the talks, with protagonists numerous scholars, researchers and journalists, focusing on various “hot” topics in the contemporary debate: the proposals on how to overcome the idea of ​​territorial marketing at the exclusive service of tourism, adopting a new approach; a focus on the psychological well-being and social integration of asylum seekers; what is the relationship between urban regeneration and care practices, and much more.

People with a high relational coefficient, in constant evolution and are ready to de-form on the territory.

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Italian architecture collective

Orizzontale is a collective of architects based in Rome, whose work spans architecture, landscape, public art and self-construction. Orizzontale has been promoting relational public space projects since 2010, giving shape to images of abandoned or unpublished cities. These projects have been a testing ground for new forms of interaction between inhabitants and urban commons, and at the same time an opportunity to test the limits of the architectural creation process. Orizzontale has built and developed projects in Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Greece, Ukraine, Portugal, Holland.


Public art collective

CHEAP is a public art project founded by 6 women in Bologna in 2013, it is a collective, a non-objective gaze, an association: the material it has chosen to investigate is paper – until now, it has found nothing more ephemeral. It mainly intervenes on the urban landscape, deals with contemporary languages; is committed to the search for a balance between curatorial practice and activism. CHEAP started out as a festival but had the good sense to become something more.

Claudio Morelli

Editorial Director of VD News

Claudio Morelli is a journalist, filmmaker and documentary photographer. Founder of Reversocollective and editorial director of VDnews. He has worked with major international magazines, collaborated for three years with Renzo Piano’s G124 project and numerous companies. He teaches at the European Institute of Design in Milan.

Arts of working class


Arts of the Working Class is a multi-lingual street journal on art, poverty, wealth and precarity. It is published every two months and contains contributions by artists and thinkers from different fields and in different languages. Its terms are based upon the working class, meaning everyone, and it reports everything that belongs to everyone. Everyone who sells this street journal earns money directly. Vendors keep 100% of the sales. Every artist whose work is advertised, designs with us its substance.

Collectif etc

French architecture collective

A non-profit collective based in Marseille, they have been working since 2011 experimenting with a new approach to architecture. Using different resources and skills, their aim is to integrate the local population in a bottom-up creative process in urban development planning at different levels. Many of their projects have transformed public spaces, landscapes and buildings through construction workshops and creative interventions that replace the more common top-down methods of designing spaces.

Giulia Ricci


Giulia Ricci has been part of the editorial staff of Domus since March 2018. She studied architecture at the IUAV University of Venice and the Milan Polytechnic, and was awarded an Erasmus scholarship at KU Leuven, Brussels. She carries out research and curating activities; she has contributed to several publications and is co-author of “Dante Bini: Mechatronics” (2016).


Group of five visual artists

Created in 2018, Calypso36o21 is a women-led French and Moroccan collective founded by Justine Daquin, Zoé Le Voyer, Manon Bachelier and Sanaa Zaghoud. From 2019 to 2021, the collective ran, in particular, the program, an itinerant curatorial research program operating from France, Morocco and the Netherlands. The program aimed to explore the liminality of Mediterranean [fluid + solid] territories. It was structured around a cycle of exhibitions, workshops, sound creations and the production of a participative lexicon.

Jamie Allen


Allen was born in Canada, lives in Europe, and is a Senior Researcher at the Critical Media Lab Basel, having previously held posts as Canada Research Chair in Infrastructure, Media and Communications at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD), Head of Research with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), and Assistant Director of the Culture Labin the UK. He has studied chemical and electrical engineering, music composition, media arts, and philosophies of technology in Canada, Scotland, New York, and Switzerland and has worked as a polymer chemist, an electronics engineer, and a museum designer. His PhD, entitled “Ways of Technical Knowing” and supervised by Siegfried Zielinski and Avital Ronell, developed a materialist epistemology and techno- aesthetics of natural and technical infrastructures. Allen is the founder and early activator of institutional forms, like community art and technology space, public-making (“publishing”) and media lab projects.

Fulu Miziki


Fulu Miziki Kollektiv is an Eco-Friendly-Afro-futuristic-Punk-Assemble collective of artists who comes straight from a future where humans have reconciled with mother earth and with themselves. This multidisciplinary collective of artists is based in the heart of African, in the Congolese capital city Kinshasa. For several years now, it’s members have spent an amount of time conceptualizing an orchestra made from objects found in the trash, constantly changing instruments, always in search of new sounds.
Making their own instruments, performance costumes, and mask is essential to the approach of Fulu Miziki Kollektiv’s musical core ideology. Their unique sound supports a pan-African message of artistic liberation, peace and a severe look at the ecological situation of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the whole world. For Fulu everything can be recovered and re-enchanted.

Gaia Crocella


Gaia Crocella studied Architecture in Sweden and India and holds qualifications in Architecture and Human Centred Design. She has considerable experience in using design and education to empower communities, foster a sense of belonging and integration.

This has been of particular relevance in her work with non-EU displaced communities. She initiated a live research project (Interdine, 2019) investigating the moral role of architecture in a world characterised by mass displacement, using discursive meals as a platform for integration through food. Through the act of hosting, Interdine subverted the relationship between the guest and the host. Interdine has been nominated for the RIBA Silver Medal 2018 and shortlisted in the YTAA 2020. Gaia collaborated in the development of the Global Free Unit classrooms in Lesvos and Izmir in 2019 and 2020. She led workshops that enabled students of architecture to work together with volunteers and local residents to explore, analyse and map the refugee camps and provide a holistic understanding of the social and built context in a sensitive and critical way. In London she works as an urban designer at Publica, where she contributes to the development of major public realm visions, strategies and policy guidance, working closely with the city’s communities and stakeholders. Gaia is also an Associate Lecturer leading a studio in Stage 1, BA Architecture at UAL Central Saint Martins while frequenting as a guest Lecturer at Umeå School of Architecture in Sweden.

Carlotta Novella

Public Work

Carlotta Novella is an artist, architect, teacher and host, part of London based practice public works. Having graduated from IUAV Venice, and after that from the MA Arch programme at Central Saint Martins, she has since developed a multidisciplinary practice which explores the idea of gathering and the new tools created by architects to foster participatory city making. Her work looks at how spaces, structures and rituals of food production and sharing can develop civic practices, promoting direct involvement and collective action, to transform and reclaim contemporary public life through conviviality.

She has been involved in multiple public works projects. These included, amongst others, WetLab with Assembly, We Are Cally for Islington Council, R-Urban Poplar, Desiccate with Care for the Istanbul Design Biennial, High Tea Roots for Lore of Blackfriars, the Rotherhithe Public Living Room, the drawing of The Ministry for Common Land for the British Pavilion at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale and the Jersey Potato Connosseur with Fairland Collective.

Carlotta has taught at UAL, UCA Canterbury, UMA Sweden, and is currently full-time acting leader for the Year 1 BA Architecture at Central Saint Martins, as part of the Spatial Practice programme. Alongside her work with public works and teaching, Carlotta is currently developing two research projects connected to her land of origin: The Scrematura Atlas and the Contrade Archive

Giuseppe Affinito


Giuseppe Affinito, born in Naples (Italy) on 09/94/1995, graduated with top marks from the three-year course in Philosophy at the Federico Il University of Naples, and from the master’s course in ‘Contemporary History and Comparative Civilisations’ as part of an Italian-French double degree between the University of Bologna and the University of Paris Diderot (Paris VII)

Dario Biancullo

Costume designer

I am a costume designer born in Battipaglia in the second half of the 1980s, I started dancing as a child. Dance accompanied me until I came of age. From there, with the experience gained from selling fabrics in the
family business and the specialisation in marketing and then fashion deingner, I began a practice dedicated to the performance of fabrics and garments. The garment becomes a work on which to take new steps; body, object and fabric are primary motor expression. In my small atelier in Forcella(NA) I find myself bringing together creative, formal and unconventional energy and queer anti hauntology in a place where hell and paradise, popular and folk meet. Community and land of resistance with a goliardic feeling, grotesque, and artistic. Tag-print on dress is an inspiring sign. SORELLANZA, INGROUP, HUMAN, CLEPTOCRAZIA, etc. are some explanatory prints needed for performances, installations, dress and video that create the weaving of the story of my making, 2 and many more hands. I aim for inclusivity as the first identity purpose of the works and recycle rubbish and clothes of people from my neighbourhood Forcella.



Igino Dodde aka Egeeno, performer, singer, producer and eclectic and volcanic DJ, moved from Campania to the capital, where he found his ideal environment and was completely absorbed by the underground scene of eastern Rome, of which he became an iconic representative.
Ethereal voice of the Tropicantesimo crew, sea and lapilli, chocolate with chilli, sweet and salty, Egeeno is a producer with many different facets that he mixes and re-adapts in his artistic journey. His roots are jazz and rock, a more traditional matrix that flows into the world of electronics in a perpetual hybrid research and exploration of different genres and attitudes.
His sets are a stream of unconsciousness where one can find varying degrees of introspection, dreams and visions, or just a moment of dance highs and fluidity exactly like his identity.

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